Type: bool

Direct dependencies

<choice: TI SimpleLink MCU Selection>

(Includes any dependencies from ifs and menus.)

Symbols selected by this symbol

Kconfig definition

At soc/arm/ti_simplelink/msp432p4xx/Kconfig.soc:10

Included via Kconfig:8Kconfig.zephyr:32soc/Kconfig:12soc/arm/ti_simplelink/Kconfig:14

Menu path: (Top) → Hardware Configuration → TI SimpleLink MCU Selection

config SOC_MSP432P401R
    bool "MSP432P401R"
    select HAS_MSP432P4XXSDK
    depends on <choice: TI SimpleLink MCU Selection>

(The ‘depends on’ condition includes propagated dependencies from ifs and menus.)