(No prompt – not directly user assignable.)

Type: int

Direct dependencies

LOG && PS2

(Includes any dependencies from ifs and menus.)

Kconfig definition

At subsys/logging/Kconfig.template.log_config:25

Included via Kconfig:8Kconfig.zephyr:40drivers/Kconfig:86drivers/ps2/Kconfig:17

Menu path: (Top) → Device Drivers → PS/2 Drivers

config PS2_LOG_LEVEL
    default 0 if PS2_LOG_LEVEL_OFF
    default 1 if PS2_LOG_LEVEL_ERR
    default 2 if PS2_LOG_LEVEL_WRN
    default 3 if PS2_LOG_LEVEL_INF
    default 4 if PS2_LOG_LEVEL_DBG
    depends on LOG && PS2

(The ‘depends on’ condition includes propagated dependencies from ifs and menus.)