Enable Bluetooth Network Management support

Type: bool

Direct dependencies


(Includes any dependencies from ifs and menus.)


No defaults. Implicitly defaults to n.

Symbols selected by this symbol

Symbols that select this symbol

Kconfig definition

At subsys/net/l2/Kconfig:55

Included via Kconfig:8Kconfig.zephyr:44subsys/Kconfig:22subsys/net/Kconfig:78

Menu path: (Top) → Networking → Link layer and IP networking support → Link layer options → Enable Bluetooth support

config NET_L2_BT_MGMT
    bool "Enable Bluetooth Network Management support"
    select NET_MGMT
    select NET_MGMT_EVENT
    depends on NET_L2_BT && NETWORKING

(The ‘depends on’ condition includes propagated dependencies from ifs and menus.)