All notable changes to this project are documented in this file.

MPSL 0.5.0-2.prealpha


  • Added a library version with preliminary support for the nRF5340 device. The feature set is the same as in the MPSL library for nRF52. The following library has been added:

    • soft-float/libmpsl.a


  • Removed _nrf52 from the MPSL library file names.

  • It is no longer allowed to call mpsl_init() if MPSL is already initialized.

  • Clock configuration parameters for any stack that uses MPSL must be provided in mpsl_clock_lfclk_cfg_t to mpsl_init(). This now also involves clock accuracy.

    • Clock accuracy must be specified in parts per million (ppm).

  • Renamed MPSL clock API for high and low frequency clock.

MPSL 0.5.0-1.prealpha

Initial release.


  • Added the following MPSL library build variants:

    • hard-float/libmpsl_nrf52.a

    • soft-float/libmpsl_nrf52.a

    • softfp-float/libmpsl_nrf52.a