nRF Connect SDK v0.1.0 Release Notes

This project is hosted by Nordic Semiconductor to demonstrate the integration of Nordic SoC support in open source projects, like MCUBoot and the Zephyr RTOS, with libraries and source code for low-power wireless applications. It is not intended or supported by Nordic Semiconductor for product development.


  • Added support for PCA20041 and PCA63519.
  • Added Bluetooth Low Energy samples.
  • Added Nordic Proprietary samples.


See the changelog and readme files in the component repositories for a detailed description of changes.


Component Tag
fw-nrfconnect-nrf v0.1.0
nrfxlib v0.1.0
fw-nrfconnect-zephyr v1.13.99-ncs1
fw-nrfconnect-mcuboot v1.2.99-ncs1

Supported boards

  • PCA10028 (nRF51 Development Kit)
  • PCA10040 (nRF52 Development Kit)
  • PCA10056 (nRF52840 Development Kit)
  • PCA10059 (nRF52840 Dongle)
  • PCA63519 (Smart Remote 3 DK add-on)
  • PCA20041 (TBD)

Change log

The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.

Bluetooth Low Energy

The following samples that work with the Zephyr BLE Controller have been added:

Proprietary RF protocols

  • Added Nordic proprietary RF protocol samples (enhanced_shockburst) for Nordic devices.


  • Added Event Manager.
  • Added Profiler.


  • Created first draft including documentation for selected samples and libraries.