PCA9633: 4-Channel RGB


This sample controls 4 LEDs connected to a PCA9633 driver, using the following pattern:

  1. turn on LEDs
  2. turn off LEDs
  3. set the brightness to 50%
  4. turn off LEDs
  5. blink the LEDs
  6. turn off LEDs

Building and Running

Build the application for the STM32373C-EVAL board, and connect a PCA9633 LED driver on the bus I2C-1 at the address 0x62.

# On Linux/macOS
cd $ZEPHYR_BASE/samples/drivers/led_pca9633
mkdir build && cd build
# On Windows
cd %ZEPHYR_BASE%\samples\drivers\led_pca9633
mkdir build & cd build
cmake -GNinja -DBOARD=stm32373c_eval ..

For flashing the application, refer to the Flashing section of the STM32373C-EVAL board documentation.