Intel® S1000 2-Way Audio Sample Application


This sample application demonstrates audio capture and playback on an Intel® S1000 CRB. The application uses the following drivers

  • DMIC driver (For microphone audio capture)
  • I2S driver (For audio input from host, audio output to host and audio output to codec)
  • Codec driver

Intel® S1000 is the master on the I2S interfaces. The host is a slave on I2S and is expected to send and receive audio at a sampling frequency of 48KHz, 32 bits per sample.

This sample application captures 8 channels of audio one from each of the 8 microphones. The first 2 channels are buffered and forwarded to the host. Simultaneously, 2 channels of audio from the host are buffered and forwarded to the codec. This bidirectional forwarding of audio demonstrates a 2-way audio stream between S1000’s microphones/audio line-out and the host.

After the app starts, one may use the ALSA aplay/arecord commands on a Linux host connected to S1000 over the I2S bus to play and record the audio.

aplay -f S32_LE -r 48000 -c 2 -D <Device> <WAV file to Play>

arecord -f S32_LE -r 48000 -c 2 -D <Device> <WAV file to Record>


This application uses an Intel® S1000 Customer Reference Board (CRB) with a circular 8 microphone array board. The Microphone array board contains a TI TLV320DAC3101 DAC for line-level Audio output.

Cable Rework

A rework of the host to CRB cable is required for playing audio from host. Pin 12 needs to be wired to Pin 29 on the 40-pin connector of the cable.

Cable rework to play audio from host

Building and Running

# On Linux/macOS
cd $ZEPHYR_BASE/samples/boards/intel_s1000_crb/audio
mkdir build && cd build
# On Windows
cd %ZEPHYR_BASE%\samples\boards\intel_s1000_crb\audio
mkdir build & cd build
cmake -GNinja ..

Sample Output

Console output

[00:00:00.342,117] <inf> audio_io: Starting Audio Driver thread (0xbe0142c4)
[00:00:00.342,117] <inf> audio_io: Configuring Host Audio Streams ...
[00:00:00.342,123] <inf> audio_io: Configuring Peripheral Audio Streams ...
[00:00:00.343,631] <inf> audio_io: Initializing Audio Core Engine ...
[00:00:00.343,632] <inf> audio_io: Starting Audio I/O...