BBC micro:bit sound


This is simple example demonstrating how to use a piezo buzzer connected to port P0 on the edge connector of the BBC micro:bit board. Note that the buzzer is not part of the main micro:bit board, rather it it needs to be separately acquired and connected. A well working example is the MI:Power board that has a piezo buzzer in addition to a coin-cell battery. Resellers of this board can be fairly easily found using online search.


The sample can be built as follows:

# On Linux/macOS
cd $ZEPHYR_BASE/samples/boards/microbit/sound
mkdir build && cd build
# On Windows
cd %ZEPHYR_BASE%\samples\boards\microbit\sound
mkdir build & cd build
cmake -GNinja -DBOARD=bbc_microbit ..

Sample Output

This sample outputs sounds through a connected piezo buzzer based on button presses of the two main buttons. For each press the current output frequency will be printed on the 5x5 LED display.