Disco demo


A simple ‘disco’ demo. The demo assumes that 2 LEDs are connected to GPIO outputs of the MCU/board.


This sample should work on board with multiple built-in LEDs without any changes, otherwise, the code may need some changes before running on various board: set PORT, LED0 and LED1 according to the board’s GPIO configuration.

Building and Running

After startup, the program looks up a predefined GPIO device defined by ‘PORT’, and configures pins ‘LED0’ and ‘LED1’ in output mode. During each iteration of the main loop, the state of GPIO lines will be changed so that one of the lines is in high state, while the other is in low, thus switching the LEDs on and off in an alternating pattern.

This project does not output to the serial console, but instead causes two LEDs connected to the GPIO device to blink in an alternating pattern.

The sample can be found here: samples/basic/disco.