I2C driver for ARM’s SBCon two-wire serial bus interface

Type: bool

Direct dependencies

(I2C && BOARD_MPS2_AN385) || (ARM && I2C)

(Includes any dependencies from if’s and menus.)


Symbols selected by this symbol

Kconfig definitions

At boards/arm/mps2_an385/Kconfig.defconfig:60

Included via Kconfig:10Kconfig.zephyr:21

Menu path: (top menu)

config I2C_SBCON
    default "y" if I2C && BOARD_MPS2_AN385
    depends on I2C && BOARD_MPS2_AN385

At drivers/i2c/Kconfig.sbcon:7

Included via Kconfig:10Kconfig.zephyr:35drivers/Kconfig:40drivers/i2c/Kconfig:27

Menu path: (top menu) → Device Drivers → I2C Drivers

menuconfig I2C_SBCON
    prompt "I2C driver for ARM's SBCon two-wire serial bus interface" if ARM && I2C
    select I2C_BITBANG if ARM && I2C
    depends on ARM && I2C

(Definitions include propagated dependencies, including from if’s and menus.)