All notable changes to this project are documented in this file.

NFC 0.3.0

Fixed minor bugs in the NFC libraries.


  • Modified the NFC platform module (nfc_platform_zephyr.c) to use the Zephyr Clock Controller driver.
  • Fixed the behavior of the Type 2 Tag library (libnfct2t_nrf52.a) when receiving an unsupported WRITE command.

NFC 0.2.0

The NFC libraries now use the NFCT driver instead of the NFC HAL modules. The NFCT driver is a part of nrfx repository.


  • Added the NFC platform module to abstract runtime environment specific implementation:
    • nfc_platform_zephyr.c


  • Removed the NFC HAL modules (replaced by the NFCT driver):
    • hal_nfc_t2t.c
    • hal_nfc_t4t.c

NFC 0.1.0

Initial release.


  • Added the following NFC libraries in both soft-float and hard-float builds:
    • libnfct2t_nrf52.a
    • libnfct4t_nrf52.a