All notable changes to this project are documented in this file.

bsdlib 0.3.0

Updated library with experimental GNSS support.

bsdlib 0.2.4

Updated library with bug fixes:

  • Fix issue of reporting NRF_POLLIN on a socket handle using nrf_poll, even if no new data has arrived.
  • Fix issue of sockets not blocking on recv/recvfrom when no data is available.

bsdlib 0.2.3

Updated library with various changes:

  • Updated library to use nrf_oberon v3.0.0.
  • Updated the library to be deployed without inbuilt libc or libgcc symbols (-nostdlib -nodefaultlibs -nostartfiles -lnosys).
  • Fixed issues with some unresolved symbols internal to the library.
  • Updated API towards bsd_os_timedwait function. The time-out parameter is now an in and out parameter. The bsd_os implementation is now expected to set the remaining time left of the time-out value in return.

bsdlib 0.2.2

Updated library with API for setting APN name when doing getaddrinfo request.

  • Providing API through nrf_getaddrinfo, ai_next to set a second hint that defines the APN name to use for getaddrinfo query. The hint must be using NRF_AF_LTE, NRF_SOCK_MGMT, and NRF_PROTO_PDN as family, type, and protocol. The APN is set through the ai_canonname field.

bsdlib 0.2.1

Updated library with bugfixes:

  • Updated nrf_inbuilt_key.h with smaller documentation fixes.
  • Bugfix in the nrf_inbuilt_key API to allow PSK and Identity to be provisioned successfully.
  • Bugfix in the nrf_inbuilt_key API to allow security tags in the range of 65535 to 2147483647 to be deleted, read, and listed.
  • Bugfix in proprietary trace log.

bsdlib 0.2.0

Updated library and header files:

  • Enabled Nordic Semiconductor proprietary trace log. Increased consumption of the dedicated library RAM, indicated in bsd_platform.h.
  • Resolved include of stdint.h in bsd.h.

bsdlib 0.1.0

Initial release.


  • Added the following BSD Socket library variants for nrf9160, for soft-float and hard-float builds:
    • libbsd_nrf9160_xxaa.a
    • liboberon_2.0.5.a (dependency of libbsd)