PTS version: 6.4

    • different than PTS defaults

Protocol Version

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_RFCOMM_0_1 False RFCOMM 1.1 with TS 07.10
TSPC_RFCOMM_0_2 True (*) RFCOMM 1.2 with TS 07.10

Supported Procedures

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_1 True (*) Initialize RFCOMM Session
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_2 True (*) Respond to Initialization of an RFCOMM Session
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_3 True Shutdown RFCOMM Session
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_4 True Respond to a Shutdown of an RFCOMM Session
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_5 True (*) Establish DLC
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_6 True (*) Respond to Establishment of a DLC
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_7 True Disconnect DLC
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_8 True Respond to Disconnection of a DLC
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_9 True Respond to and send MSC Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_10 True Initiate Transfer Information
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_11 True Respond to Test Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_12 False Send Test Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_13 True React to Aggregate Flow Control
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_14 True Respond to RLS Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_15 False Send RLS Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_16 True Respond to PN Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_17 True (*) Send PN Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_18 True (*) Send Non-Supported Command (NSC) response
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_19 True Respond to RPN Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_20 False Send RPN Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_21 True (*) Closing Multiplexer by First Sending a DISC Command
TSPC_RFCOMM_1_22 True Support of Credit Based Flow Control