PTS version: 7.2.0

* - different than PTS defaults

^ - field not available on PTS

M - mandatory

O - optional

Generic Attribute Profile Role

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_1_1 True Generic Attribute Profile Client (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_1_2 True Generic Attribute Profile Server (C.2)

GATT role configuration

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_1a_1 True GATT Client over LE (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_1a_2 False GATT Client over BR/EDR (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_1a_3 True GATT Server over LE (C.3)
TSPC_GATT_1a_4 False GATT Server over BR/EDR (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_1a_5 False Complete GATT Client layer over LE (C.5)
TSPC_GATT_1a_6 False Complete GATT Client layer over BR/EDR (C.6)
TSPC_GATT_1a_7 False Complete GATT Server layer over LE (C.7)
TSPC_GATT_1a_8 False Complete GATT Server layer over BR/EDR (C.8)

ATT Bearer Transport

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_2_1 False (*) Attribute Protocol Supported over BR/EDR (L2CAP fixed channel support) (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_2_2 True Attribute Protocol Supported over LE (C.2)

Generic Attribute Profile Support

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_3_1 True Client: Exchange MTU (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_2 False (*) Client: Discover All Primary Services (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_3 True Client: Discover Primary Services Service UUID (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_4 True Client: Find Included Services (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_5 True Client: Discover All characteristics of a Service (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_6 True Client: Discover Characteristics by UUID (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_7 True Client: Discover All Characteristic Descriptors (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_8 True Client: Read Characteristic Value (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_9 False (*) Client: Read using Characteristic UUID (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_10 True Client: Read Long Characteristic Values (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_11 True Client: Read Multiple Characteristic Values (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_12 True Client: Write without Response (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_13 True Client: Signed Write Without Response (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_14 True Client: Write Characteristic Value (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_15 True Client: Write Long Characteristic Values (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_16 False (*) Client: Characteristic Value Reliable Writes (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_17 True Client: Notifications (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_18 True Client: Indications (M)
TSPC_GATT_3_19 True Client: Read Characteristic Descriptors (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_20 True Client: Read long Characteristic Descriptors (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_21 True Client: Write Characteristic Descriptors (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_22 True Client: Write Long Characteristic Descriptors (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_3_23 True Client: Service Changed Characteristic (M)
TSPC_GATT_3_24 False (*) Client: Configured Broadcast (C.3)

Profile Attribute Types and Formats, by client

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_3B_1 False (*) Client: Primary Service Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_2 False (*) Client: Secondary Service Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_3 False (*) Client: Include Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_4 False (*) Client: Characteristic Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_5 False (*) Client: Characteristic Value Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_6 False (*) Client: Characteristic Extended Properties (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_7 False (*) Client: Characteristic User Description Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_8 False (*) Client: Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_9 False (*) Client: Server Characteristic Configuration Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_10 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_11 False (*) Client: Characteristic Aggregate Format Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_12 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Boolean (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_13 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: 2Bit (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_14 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: nibble (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_15 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint8 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_16 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint12 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_17 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint16 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_18 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint24 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_19 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint32 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_20 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint48 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_21 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint64 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_22 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Uint128 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_23 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint8 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_24 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint12 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_25 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint16 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_26 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint24 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_27 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint32 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_28 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint48 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_29 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint64 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_30 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Sint128 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_31 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Float32 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_32 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Float64 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_33 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: SFLOAT (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_34 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: FLOAT (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_35 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: Duint16 (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_36 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: utf8s (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_37 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: utf16s (M)
TSPC_GATT_3B_38 False (*) Client: Characteristic Format: struct (M)

Attribute Profile Support, by Server

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_4_1 True Server: Exchange MTU (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_2 True Server: Discover All Primary Services (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_3 True Server: Discover Primary Services Service UUID (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_4 True Server: Find Included Services (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_5 True Server: Discover All characteristics of a Service (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_6 True Server: Discover Characteristics by UUID (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_7 True Server: Discover All Characteristic Descriptors (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_8 True Server: Read Characteristic Value (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_9 True Server: Read using Characteristic UUID (M)
TSPC_GATT_4_10 True Server: Read Long Characteristic Values (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_11 True Server: Read Multiple Characteristic Values (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_12 True Server: Write without Response (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_4_13 True Server: Signed Write Without Response (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_14 True Server: Write Characteristic Value (C.3)
TSPC_GATT_4_15 True Server: Write Long Characteristic Values (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_16 True Server: Characteristic Value Reliable Writes (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_17 True Server: Notifications (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_18 True Server: Indications (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_4_19 True Server: Read Characteristic Descriptors (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_20 True Server: Read long Characteristic Descriptors (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_21 True Server: Write Characteristic Descriptors (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_22 True Server: Write Long Characteristic Descriptors (C.4)
TSPC_GATT_4_23 True Server: Service Changed Characteristic (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_4_24 False (*) Server: Configured Broadcast (C.5)
TSPC_GATT_4_25 False (*) Server: Execute Write Request with empty queue (C.7)

Profile Attribute Types and Characteristic Formats

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_4B_1 True Server: Primary Service Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_2 True Server: Secondary Service Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_3 True Server: Include Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_4 True Server: Characteristic Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_5 True Server: Characteristic Value Declaration (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_6 True Server: Characteristic Extended Properties (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_7 True Server: Characteristic User Description Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_8 True Server: Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_9 True Server: Server Characteristic Configuration Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_10 True Server: Characteristic Format Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_11 True Server: Characteristic Aggregate Format Descriptor (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_12 True Server: Characteristic Format: Boolean (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_13 True Server: Characteristic Format: 2Bit (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_14 True Server: Characteristic Format: nibble (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_15 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint8 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_16 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint12 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_17 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint16 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_18 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint24 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_19 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint32 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_20 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint48 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_21 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint64 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_22 True Server: Characteristic Format: Uint128 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_23 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint8 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_24 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint12 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_25 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint16 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_26 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint24 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_27 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint32 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_28 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint48 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_29 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint64 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_30 True Server: Characteristic Format: Sint128 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_31 True Server: Characteristic Format: Float32 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_32 True Server: Characteristic Format: Float64 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_33 True Server: Characteristic Format: SFLOAT (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_34 True Server: Characteristic Format: FLOAT (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_35 True Server: Characteristic Format: Duint16 (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_36 True Server: Characteristic Format: utf8s (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_37 True Server: Characteristic Format: utf16s (M)
TSPC_GATT_4B_38 True Server: Characteristic Format: struct (M)

Generic Attribute Profile Service - SDP Interoperability

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_6_2 False (*) Discover GATT Services using Service Discovery Profile (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_6_3 False (*) Publish SDP record for GATT services support via BR/EDR (C.2)

Attribute Protocol Transport Security

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_7_1 False (*) Security Mode 4 (C.1)
TSPC_GATT_7_2 True LE Security Mode 1 (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_7_3 True LE Security Mode 2 (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_7_4 True LE Authentication Procedure (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_7_5 False (*) LE connection data signing procedure (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_7_6 False (*) LE Authenticate signed data procedure (C.2)
TSPC_GATT_7_7 True LE Authorization Procedure (C.2)

Attribute Protocol Transport

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GATT_8_1 False (*) Support for Multiple ATT bearers from same device (C.1)

Device Configuration

Parameter Name Selected Description
TSPC_GAP_0_2 True LE (C.2)