Zephyr Project Documentation

Welcome to the Zephyr Project’s documentation. This is the documentation of the master tree under development (version 1.13.99).

Documentation for tagged released versions of Zephyr can be found at https://docs.zephyrproject.org/<version>. The following documentation versions are available:

Zephyr 1.9.2 | Zephyr 1.10.0 | Zephyr 1.11.0 | Zephyr 1.12.0 | Zephyr 1.13.0

For information about the changes and additions for releases, please consult the published Release Notes documentation.

The Zephyr OS is provided under the Apache 2.0 license (as found in the LICENSE file in the project’s GitHub repo). The Zephyr OS also imports or reuses packages, scripts, and other files that use other licensing, as described in Licensing of Zephyr Project components.

Source code for the Zephyr Project is maintained in the Zephyr Project’s GitHub repo.


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