PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CM4 Core)


See PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CM0+ Core) for a general overview of the CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT board. The Cortex-M4 is a secondary core on the board’s SoC. It should be started from the CM0+ core.

Programming and Debugging

Only the CM0+ core starts by default after the MCU reset. In order to have CM4 core working FW for both cores should be written into Flash. CM0+ FW should starts the CM4 core at one point using Cy_SysEnableCM4(CM4_START_ADDRESS); call. CM4_START_ADDRESS is 0x10060000 in the current configuration. The CM0+/CM4 Flash/SRAM areas are defined in :file:’dts/arm/cypress/psoc6.dtsi’.