Licenses in the nRF5 SDK

See the top of each source file for the license under which the file is released.

The following licenses are used in the nRF5 SDK:

  1. nRF5 SDK license: The majority of the source code included in the nRF5 SDK (nRF5_Nordic_license.txt)
  2. nRF5 Dynastream license: Files released by Dynastream Innovations included in the nRF5 SDK (nRF5_Dynastream_license.txt)
  3. SoftDevice license: The SoftDevice and its headers (..\components\softdevice\sxxx\doc\license_file)
  4. Nordic 3-clause BSD license: MDK files located in ..\components\device
  5. ARM 3-clause BSD license: CMSIS and system files (..\toolchain)
  6. FreeRTOS license: FreeRTOS configuration files (FreeRTOSConfig.h in the examples that show how to use FreeRTOS)
  7. RTX license: RTX config file (RTX_Conf_CM.c) located in the two examples showing how to use RTX
  8. Third-party licenses: All third-party code contained in ..\external (respective licenses included in each of the imported projects)