nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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UART STM RAW protocol

UART STM RAW protocol

This driver is intended to use ONLY in configuration containing nRF51 SoC and STM microcontroller. Please check the license agreement in respective source files.

As other serialization transport PHY's, UART STM driver implements Serialization PHY API.

Low power protocol implemented in this solution provides low energy consumption on connectivity chip(nRF51 SoC) side.

Hardware interface uses 4 standard UART lines: (RX,TX,/RTS,/CTS). Be aware that lines RTS and CTS are handled in different way than in standard UART driver. This is due to applied low power protocol.

Payload transfer is preceded by 2 bytes of physical layer header, which defines the size of packet. Header is transmitted as least significant byte first.