nRF51 SDK - S120 SoftDevice
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BLE S120 L2CAP Events


Event packet encoding

Frame format encoding of the BLE_L2CAP_EVT_RX packet.

Event ID = 0x70 for BLE_L2CAP_EVT_RX.

The BLE L2CAP event contains a connection handle, and for the BLE L2CAP event RX, the ble_l2cap_evt_rx_t is encoded after connection handle as seen in Figure 1.

The order of the encoding is:

Length Parameter Value
2 bytes Connection Handle see ble_l2cap_evt_t::conn_handle
2 bytes Data Length see ble_l2cap_header_t::len
2 bytes CID see ble_l2cap_header_t::cid
0..'Data Length' bytes Data see ble_l2cap_evt_rx_t::data

Encoding of BLE L2CAP packet received event

Figure 1: Encoding of BLE L2CAP packet received event.