Multiprotocol Service LayerΒΆ

The Multiprotocol Service Layer (MPSL) is a library of common services for single and multiprotocol implementations.

The library is available as soft-float, softfp-float, and hard-float builds for the nRF52 and nRF53 series.

Key features of this library include:

  • Timeslot - allows the application to schedule its own events concurrently with other protocols.

  • Radio notifications - a configurable interrupt before and/or after radio activity.

  • TX Power control - the MPSL TX Power interface provides APIs to set the maximum TX power per channel.

  • Clock control - APIs for configuring and controlling the low and high-frequency clock.

  • API for obtaining the temperature measured on the SoC.


For nRF5340, the libraries are:

  • For evaluation purposes only.

  • Not fully functional and not properly tested.

  • Not optimized for performance.