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Nordic nRF5 Bluetooth Development Studio plugin

You can use Bluetooth Development Studio to generate code for both nRF51 and nRF52 Series devices. Here you can download the required plugin.

Our SDK's (v10.0.0 for nRF51 and v11.0.0 for nRF51 and nRF52) have added a template to support the Bluetooth Developer Studio generated code.

nRF5 Bluetooth Developer Studio plugin

The plugin folder contains the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5x plugin that can be used with Bluetooth Developer Studio.
Copy the NordicSemiconductor folder within the plugin folder as described in the Bluetooth Developer Studio Help file (section "Generate Code" > "Installing a plugin").

Integrating the Nordic plugin generated code with the bluetoothds_template project:

  1. Generate the code from BDS
  2. Create a copy of the ble_peripheral/experimental_bluetoothds_template folder within the ble_peripheral folder.
  3. Name the copied folder as "test1"
  4. Copy the generated files from BDS to the "test1" folder (yes, you need to overwrite the service_if.c file)
  5. Open the Keil project file "bluetoothds_template.uvmpw" by double clicking on it
  6. Add the plugin generated .c files to the project
  7. Right click on the "Application" icon in the active project and choosing "Add existing files to group Application"
  8. Compile the application
  9. Identify the softdevice you need to use (S110 or S130)
  10. Flash the softdevice using the nRFgo Studio. The softdevice is located at "components\softdevice\"
  11. Flash the application from Keil
  12. Reset the Development Kit board
  13. Test using the master control panel app on PC or Android phone to verify that your example project works.

Required reading for getting started on the nRF51-DK and nRF51-SDK